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#420195 - ’ 413 found she had some trouble summarizing the contents of the report she’d read while the Prince was impaling her on one hand and bruising her breast with the other, but under the circumstances she was quite proud of herself! Prince Samuel gave brief orders for the teams each attendee led to prepare themselves for a date that meant nothing to 413 since she had no idea when it was now, and the meeting relaxed. She couldn’t believe how big he was! She hadn’t seen him since she;d chose n the body she wanted to be transplanted into and she was still getting used to being so short! Richard had been 6 feet two, the Prince was easily six four and broadly built, and 413 was 5 feet two! She was only now realizing how tiny she was compared with her owner, but of course even if shed been much taller it wouldn’t have mattered, she would have been utterly in his power just the same! ‘…and so we have decided to send the team to the fifth of these options, where we expect to find a highl

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