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#59147 - after all the movies she got up to get a drink when she came back i scotted to my left so when she say she sat on my lap. So being me (manipulating people) I went out with her after a few weeks of going out cuddling and keeping to ourselves so our family didnt find out I put my plan into action. she agreed and we dry humped each other for about 1 month then I put my plan into action and got her to take her clothes off, after which she laid on her stomach I got ontop of her and put my cock (which was only 5 inches at the time) between her ass cheeks (at this time i didnt know how to fuck so i couldnt do anything really) We did this for a few months then my cuzin came into my life he was 14.

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Gambier bay
If i had a mom like that i would fuck her everyday
Kakeru todoroki
I want her lol