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#23134 - Harry and Ron glanced at each other, both getting the same idea Tell you what Hagrid Ron said If you let us join in, we'll forget we ever saw this Hagrid stared at the two of them Fine, Hagrid said after a few seconds But after you two are done, you'll leave so that i can have a couple more minutes with her myself Harry and Ron grinned, and they stripped off their clothes We'll wake her up so that she'll be a bit more lively Harry said as he disrobed Then we'll modify her memory so that she won't remember a thing Good idea Hagrid said Harry and Ron, now naked walked up to Hermione and Hagrid, their six inch cocks erect, looking miniscule next to Hagrid's One more condition Hagrid said I get her arse But you already stretched out her cunt! Ron protested No need to worry Harry said He pointed his wand at his and Ron's cock and said Engorgio! Their dicks started to grow larger and large

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Yuugi hoshiguma
Damn this is how you should ve always given him head i thought u just couldn t suck dick before watching this keep it up i m tryna see more
Shirou ashiya