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#283387 - I saw and felt Cindy jump, I had an idea what Sue might be doing, then as Sue reached for some lube I knew, she was probing Cindy ass, it didn’t take long before Cindy let out a huge groan her body went into convulsions and she just about passed out, her first anal orgasm had hit hard. Sue now sat up, her pussy right on Cindy mouth as my cock found her full depth, and I fucked her harder still, her orgasm now going wild, we both had to hold her to stop her jumping of the bad, several times she accidently bite Sue as she screamed though another wild orgasm, I knew now she was hooked, and eased her around, getting her legs over my shoulders, my cock now fully home she looked hot, her slim body wet with sweat. Cindy looked at me I nodded and her hand began to move forward, Sue eased her body up to let her get enter, then with one more push her hand went in, her eyes wide as she looked at me.

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