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#366412 - i continued eating and biting away at my sweet treat when he suddenly started speaking to me asif we were long lost friends or something! i couldn't take it i got up and ran away from him as fat as my little legs could carry me, and the strange thing is he only said hi whats gotten into me?! All night i stay awake thinking about the hot guy in the park, sure he was hot with his amaing green eyes and musclular body and of course his amazing dark drown hair yum! He looked around 18 so why was he talking to me? He could see i was only young couldn't he?, did he like me? Did he think i was cute? All these question kept on going around and around my poor young brain! But then i started thinking about something i had never thought about before, i thought about begin locked in a room alone with just him and me, i thought about dirty things that made my pussy tingle and nipple harden, oh my word what am i thinking, i was so ashamned of these nasty thoughts that overtook my head!

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Tomo asama
And i thought i was a dirty girl until i watched this hentai lol xx
Kinon bachika
My bank account is about as stable as that counter top