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#411401 - I used to sit in the local park bench next to all the other no-gooders in the summer our numbers could swell to 30 this including the older alkies and addicts in there 30's 40's 50's 60's etc it could get quite crazy some days and the police were never far away. My cock hardened as i looked at her she was looking back alright flattering her false eyelashes a very strong sexual energy was generated between us as we made eye contact my cock was throbbing a solid rod of steel , was she really 16 or was that little bitch Gina just telling me that hmmmmm it was hard to tell as she was tarted up and she had a young looking face hiding behind all that make up but she did have a 16 yr old body on her i could see a couple of he older alkies giving her the look over and little Gina who's face was also plastered in make up red lipstick they must have got ready this morning together . Gina was wearing a black mini skirt pink cut off playboy belly top and pink trainers se

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Sylvain jose gautier
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