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#94016 - He doesn’t care about giving me time to adjust anymore, he’s just fucking me as hard and fast as he can, our hips coming together and making loud slapping noises as he drives forward with each thrust, filling my asshole. I try to swallow it quickly but I can’t keep up with how much cum he is producing and it starts to poor out from my mouth and land of my stomach and aching dick. “Go on then, bend down and suck my cock like a good little boy ok?” Chad demands and I nod my head quickly as I drop to my knees, I’m just inches in front of his cock now and it’s still growing! It must be at least 7 inches by now and very thick! Before I even have a chance to think Chad walks forward and pushes his cock into my open mouth, he moans in pleasure and suddenly everything that has just happened hits me as I close my mouth around the head of his cock and start to suck.

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God damn this is hot
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His cum be looking like fuckin yogurt