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#58902 - Deavers checked out each student to make sure that they were paying attention. Quite on purpose, he had picked bras that were obviously too small for her, so as a result, the thin nylon garment barely covered her nipples!!! While she was trying on the bras, Tom casually asked her, Tell me, Monica, what is your biggest sexual fantasy?!? Unhesitatingly she replied, To suck on a big penis, I've never done that before! Tom decided to have a little fun, so he called out to Matt Herron, Matt, come up here and show Monica your penis! Seconds later, Matt dropped his pants and his large cock stood erect in front of Monica! Do him, Monica, Tom ordered, and as if she and Matt were alone in a bed room, Monica dropped to her knees and fellated Matt's pecker!!! Being as he was so young, Matt couldn't hold it for very long, and his loud groan indicated he was filling Monica's mouth with a gushing load of cum!!! After Monica was sure she had drained him completely, Tom had

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