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Girls Fucking Flandre Hen - Touhou project Ikillitts

(例大祭11) [TUKIBUTO (かめれおん)] フランドール編 (東方レースクイーンズ合同 -SCARLET SISTERS-) (東方Project) [英訳]


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#138964 - Jesus, Harry, Joan said getting right to the point, Marchetti's nowhere to be seen, and Claudia's throwing a hissy fit, says she won't do a scene until he shows!!! Calm down, babe, Harry replied smoothly, Marchetti isn't needed until scene number four, so he won't be showing up until later this afternoon, no problem, he just won't be there this morning! Joan knew that Claudia would be upset over this new bit of news, but thought that if she was assured Aldo would be there later that day she would hopefully do her opening scenes. Claudia was heading back to her trailer, w?hen Joan fell into step along side of her and said, He's waiting for you in your trailer, he got here early, and came right over! An obviously ebullient Claudia stepped up her pace and nearly ran the rest of the way. Oh, please, she begged again, don't tease me, fuck me!!! With a swift motion, Aldo grabbed the panties by the crotch, and tore them away, exposing an

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