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#62114 - For five years I resisted temptation but only because when I saw Jay my daughter was also there but now I see Jay more than I see my daughter and for the past year I've found it harder to resist and today I gave in to my desires, I love him and he loves me and I am doing the one thing that no mother should do, I'm stealing my daughters husband.   I climbed on top of him and positionedp his cock at the entrance to my pussy enough that my lips held him in position then I said to him before this goes any further I need to know this is going to be more than a one off baby with out answering me he just pushed upwards sending his cock deep into my horny pussy  aargh fuck yes baby I screamed with a mixture of pleasure and shock. I was completely exhausted but I didn't want this to end and I knew Jay was going to fuck me in the ass and I couldn't wait, I got off his cock and got on all fours Jay positioning himself behind me he slipped his fingers into my extremely w

Read Bald Pussy Narga Musume to Toumoujuu - Monster hunter Lovers Narga Musume to Toumoujuu

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Her ass looks amazing
Kappei jin
The best toes
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