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#151066 - I sense his close as he asks me if I want to ride him(stupid fucking question) , He lays down and flashes me one of his wickedly sexy smiles and has a twinkle in his eye, I straddle him and let his cock slide slowly in me taking his whole length of his magnifi cock I sit up and he grabs my tits and starts to play with my nipple and it drives me crazy and I start pushing on his cock listening to his moans I can tell his about to cum , Within minutes I feel his cock swell and it erupts like a volcano inside my pussy sending me into cum overload that I collapse speechless on his shoulder, laying there still feeling his cock twitch as it empties a bit more into me. He replies next time I get fucked like that he wants to fuck me straight after to feel another mans cum in my pussy with his own. And instantly dropped to his knees and spread my legs and I was that wet that I felt my pussy lips pop open showing him my full wetness, He lowered his head and I felt his tongue hit my clit

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