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#340778 - Which consisted of him Cumming in my flirtatious high heels as well with my sexy, black, silk panties that were buried at the bottom of my dresser drawer (I designated to wear them for special occasions with different boyfriends)? I always knew It was perfectly normal for a teenager to masturbate (God knows I did by fair share of exploring my body)! But I didn’t think I was common for them to mark there territory? I read on… Tommy wrote, “Underneath my mom’s loose comfortable clothes, is the sultriest whore”. I’m going to tell you how I’ve become a cum loving slut for my 15 year old son Tommy. I ran upstairs to my bedroom first retrieving my 1 foot tall 3 inch wide battery operated vibrating dildo I affectionately called “Kong” my big friend used 6d sized batteries to make it function.

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