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#99389 - “Well what’s happening here then babes?” On hearing her husband’s voice I froze with horror expecting him to go crazy any moment, but instead he stripped off completely and then moved over in front of me and said “well son if we are going to teach you all about sex you can see how good it feels to suck cock” I was disgusted by the thought and wanted to say no but I couldn’t speak I was so scared, “it’s ok honey go on suck his big cock you’ll love it I promise” Beth said trying to reassure me. She had a beautiful body for her age (35) large breasts and a slim waist and I could see her other hand playing with her pussy which was completely shaved. As she sucked me it felt amazing but she soon stopped saying that she bet that none had ever done that before and then told me to fuck her while she would suck off the horse again! I followed her instructions and after rubbing my cock between her juicy pussy lips I slowly eased up her until all 7” where inside, and as I slowly fucked her

Read Menage 黒髪の不覚 其の弐 - Ikkitousen Guyonshemale 黒髪の不覚 其の弐

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She went crazy on that mf wtf
Daniel law
So fucking hot