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#74916 - Now both move towards you and you panic thinking they’re going to go mad at you for ‘perving’ at them, instead one looks at the other and they both smile, the taller of the two kneels by your head, without a word she cup one of your breasts flicking her thumb over your nipple as she looks you in the eye, you can’t take your eyes off her as she runs the tip of her tongue over her moist lips, her breasts are level with your head as captivated you watch her bend down and lick slowly round your nipple making you gasp out loud and shake with nervous excitement. Quickly replacing the shower head you rinse off as the women walk past, one looks you up and down as she passes and mutters something to her friend who, looks round and smiles back at you. You hear a woman whisper ‘someone’s left the steam up high’ and a whispered reply from another woman, ‘great we won’t be seen then’ and a low giggle.

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Prince of lorasia
Whats her name
Wish i lived in place like this