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#320285 - Time… I have all the time in the world, To make your toes curl To make your soul unfurl And become entwined, one with mine, As we reach for the heavens high, Screaming, “Oh God, yes!” This is the best, you beg me to rest The fire within in me calls… For me to go balls deep Put you to sleep I slide in, and the rhythm begins, In and out…in and out The percussion enters as do I, Keeping the rhythm giving me the baseline, Your moans are like a chorus All that ecstasy that was before us, Comes to a close, our wills impose… A deep sleep, That we should keep in sync, With the soul’s melody. The soul’s melody Music playing, hips swing Dancing to the beat of my own drum My body and yours… Numb with ecstasy The beat keeps time.

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Onsa amano
Do you have a sister
Matoi tsunetsuki
Dam you can teach me
Thought she said three