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#19728 - This was his chance, he leaned around the corner and announced, I'm going upstairs to make one final check, I'll just be a few minutes, and after giving him a fast look and a nod, she went back to her conversation, while not giving him a second thought! Dan fairly bounded up the stairs, but instead of checking the upstairs entry points, he went straight to the master bedroom where he opened up a wall vent that was next to the ceiling and quick as a flash installed the micro camera and microphone and directed them straight at the king size bed on the other side of the room! Before he replaced the metal grill, he pulled out a small receiver and turned it on, Perfect, he thought, because on the two inch screen he held in his hand, was a color picture of half of the room, the bed included! Dan walked over to the bed and checked to make sure that the focus was okay, and when he was satisfied, he replaced the grill face and went back down stairs. Miranda was still on the phone

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Whats her name
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