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#203845 - but then I over heard my sister mention me in the shower, before I could ask what they were talking about we had reached the school and they began to head off in their own direction, although Carla turned round and shouted see you later big boy, before running off laughing with Kelly. I pull out of Carla and bend Kelly over and push my cocks head in, Kellys ass feels a lot smaller than Carlas, so I have to push harder, I feel her ass lips squeeze tighter as my shaft makes its way up her shithole, Kelly cries are muffled as I clamp my hand round her mouth, she tries to bite my hand, she pulls my hand away and I will never forget the words she said next PRETEND YOU ARE RAPING ME with this I placed my hand tight over her mouth as she pretended to scream, Carla took a step back as I wrestled Kelly to the floor my cock still deep in her ass, as we landed on the floor with a slight bump, Kelly really pretended to try and get away, fighting and scratching,and I began pounding away on her

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Miyuki takara
Soooo was it all special effects then because at the beginning of the hentai they said all of the painful stuff was special effects
Rio momose
Orgulho brasileiro