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#178976 - I came home one day and it had a sold sign plastered across it, I said what the hell and I turned around and looked again, I said ok, they put that there so they could make you think they’re doing a great job, no one would by the old place. I said good for her, Megan said well we’re doing great by ourselves but I know mom misses having sex, Charlene yelled out Megan Jennifer, I said oh shit, your in for it now, she used your middle name, Megan said I’m sorry mom, just trying to help you out, she said well I’m quite capable of getting my own man thank you very much, I said well let’s eat, Charlene said good idea. We drank the wine, she got some chips and dip out to help out, she said sorry nothing is in here right now, I said no apologizes needed, I understand.

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Mio naruse
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Sheliss elleness zurbach
I try to make it so we nut at the same time
Shido itsuka
I think she needs plan b
Haruyuki arita
I love this girl
Yozora kasumi
Name please