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#44238 - “Its perfect Lee, and even better then knowing its ours” she said as her arms wrapped around his neck and, her breasts pushing into his chest as her head leaned in and kissed his lips, her tongue licking over his lips as he held her around the waist with his arms and pulled her body into his, their crotches meeting and making April moan out a little as she felt the bulge in his pants rub into her covered pussy. Lee felt it too as April moaned and shouted out in pleasure and her juice became more think as it ran onto his tongue, April was in heaven as she felt her brother work on her clit with his tongue, every little flick he made sending a shock through her and driving her closer and closer to her final release, which she could tell was going to be spectacular. “Hi Mum” April said happily “April its so nice to hear from you, how are you and your brother getting on?” Marie asked “We’re fine Mum, Lee’s just at work and I’m looking over the house” April explained “Nice i

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