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#85821 - Jerry learned from Jessica that the lovely girl with her was her girlfriend and lover Stacey and that neither of them ever went anywhere or did anything without the other, mmmm he said looking at Stacey, She will look great on a spit when her time comes he added reaching out his left hand to grab Stacey’s firm breast, Stacey however was not amused taking hold of his wrist before he had a chance to squeeze her breast. A man in the middle table looks up at Stacey standing there with anger in her face, why is the Chef not for sale the man asks, Fuck You asshole I am just the chef not the meat not now or ever so fuck off! Stacey screams at the man not giving Jerry a chance to answer him, the room bursts into laughter and cat calls, Hey she really told you hahahahahahahahahahahaah said another man standing next to the victim of Stacey's angry shouting. When Jessica told Stacey about her arrangements with Jerry, Stacey was a bit annoyed that she had not discussed it wi


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