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#286120 - Tanner asked Joanne Reeves, So, do you see anything wrong here, I mean with your daughter's appearance or with her attire? Uh, should I, Joanne fairly whispered, she looks fine to me!?! Oh, really, Lauren retorted, I would hazard a guess that Kaylie has a 42 DDD-cup sized bust, and that that skimpy little bra is doing absolutely nothing to offer support for such large breasts, it's not only bad for her breasts it makes her look like a slut! Joanne just shrugged her shoulders and replied, If she's comfortable I don't see any reason to get so bent out of shape over it!!! Again the back of lauren's hand connected squarely with Joanne's cheek along with the cruel retort, Don't ever use that tone with me again, I've just about had it with your sassy mouth, now do you see anything else we should be concerned about? Now on the verge of tears, all Joanne could do was shake her head no while rubbing her burning cheek with her hand, after which Lauren turned her attention to Kaylie by asking th

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