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#250332 - We lay cuddling, my fingers playing with her clit, then the toys went back in, next thing, we had them all in her, the 10 inch vibe in her pussy and the two dildos in her butt, her orgasms took over, I was forcing more of them into her than ever before, the 18inch dildo was only just visible out of her butt, the 12 inch one, was out of sight all together. I got the laptop and opened up my site for meeting guys, showing Pauline some more guys in our area, sending of a few messages to the best ones, one she really liked was a dark guy, who lived some miles away, but was worth a try. I told her to get ready, as i wanted to open her anus once more and use the toys in her, she didn't need telling twice, as my cock dropped out of her mouth, I watched her run semi naked to the bathroom.

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