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#84140 - CUUUUMMMM ,with these words she expirience her first orgasm given to her by another man, JJ continued to suck her pussy juices, easing her down from her climax, then moved away and looked down at her, she smiled at him and spread her legs to him, begging him with her eyes to make her a woman, he kneeled down and placed the head of his penis to her entrance, are you sure you want this, she just nodded and whispered, god yes please, give it to me, he then slowly eased his head inside, Katlin sucked in air as her lips started to part, and the more he pushed the more they seperated, soon she was streched and filled more then she ever had, but the pain was only slight, then she felt his cock hit her cherry, and took a deep breath and nodded, JJ knew this next thrust would have to be big, and pushed hard breaking through, Katlin screamed from the pain, JJ shot out of her quickly, jesus christ are you alright?, she looked down and saw a treackle of blood but she nodded and begged him b

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