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#144447 - come on baby dry your eyes harvey gave me a smiled and got dressed i took harveys hands and said be proud me and harvey got into my car and we drove to the mall and did a lot of shopping and i reminded harvey that there is a dinner party at my house tomorrow that he and this mom are to attended harvey said he was looking forward to it and i said i was too so when me and hravey got back we was laughting and joking and generlly more in love than we have been before when we got inside harvey house bella said to harvey you look alot happyier harvey answered i am because im a lucky guy. i hope your feeling alot better today because you need to remember that you are a special guy and i love you more than anything in the word babe i kissed harvey goodbye and got into my car and drove home when i got home my mom was on edge a little about all the dinner party detail she was testing food and choosing a dinner set and other thing so i decided to go into my bed room and have a showe

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Attention brook i am calling you out i love the back of your hand and the veins they look erotic and orgasmic i love the inner elbow area too those veins popping up on your crook of the arm thats so erotic as you are going from horny to orgasmic overdrive man i wish to feel those hands and arms as we fuck each other in my dreams i am calling out brook to reply back to me please
Shinjuurou yuuki
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