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#25402 - On the taxi ride over to the girls house she had her hand in my panties rubbing my clit I was dying to be licked fucked or even suck something she knew just what place to touch. By now my asshole was full of cock i could feel Cameron’s chest push back as she took her first thrust into me that feeling of sucking up a shit turned into the feeling of taking a shit and then sucking it back up again over and over again the harder she pounded into me the more the feeling changed into a more hot tingily sensation I could smell the juices dripping out of my pussy the feeling of cock in my ass was making me so wet, I managed to get my hand between my legs and rubbed my clit making me more wet horny and wild moaning louder than before rubbing my clit faster as Cameron fucked faster. I could feel his cock knot inside me he was getting close I warned he better not cum inside me he didn’t seem to care he kept fucking me harder and faster as much as I was enjoying the pleasure I am deffinitly no

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