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#18109 - ?!?” “Oh, I’m sorry,” she gushed, “my name is Carolyn, Carolyn Chase!!!” They both took sips of their drinks before Brandle Lincoln gently took Carolyn by the arm and whispered, “Come with me, there’s something I just have to do!!!” Carolyn was used to being around the powerful elite, the so called alpha males of business and politics, but this was the first time that she had ever been around someone so powerful and magnetic as Brandle Lincoln, and with good reason too, because if what everything she read was true he was second or third richest man in the world and capable of getting just about anything he wanted!!! While still trying to clear her mind, he led her onto a deserted terrace as the far end of the ball room, and after pulling her around the corner behind a tall stone column, he casually as you please pulled up the front of her dress and slid his hand inside of her panties and furiously fingered her to a stunning orgasm!!! As he stood only five feet eight inches tall, she

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Super pochaco
Eres una veradadera puta zorra mereces q t maltraten mas duro por puta
Maya yukiko
Good job fellas ya gave this naughty woman just what she wanted
Takatora fujimoto
I honestly feel a little better about myself because of this man