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#201899 - ” At the time this information was given out, I was too busy to listen to God’s words. Man-o-man was I mistaken! Right there, where Eve was pointing, was a glorious mound of erotically stimulating feminine flesh the likes of which I couldn’t believe existed! Appealing…? Why, bless my soul, the mounded perfection of Eve’s womanhood was the most wondrously fascinating sight I’d ever been privileged to see! “Believe me now?” Eve seductively teased. You must be the famous ‘Adam’ he’s told me about?” “Yes ma’am, Adam is my name,” I responded.

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Meta knight
This is patrick
Elias ainsworth
Now that s a ass
Kenji harima
I usually prefer pov but the side view is a nice change of pace
She is french canadian and her real name brigitte i dated her for a few weeks lol