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#380364 - Dear Landri, Remember when I told you how it can be fun to get one's bum spanked!?! Well, I hafta tellya what happened to me last weekend!!! Andy and I went out for the evening, dinner and dancing at a club, you know, loud music and lots of drinking!?! Well, I guess I had a little to much to drink and before I knew it had snubbed Andy and started dancing with a hunky bloke from Eton!!! I must tell ya, hon, I was pretty smashed and feeling absolutely no pain!!! I had to go pee really bad, and when I was just coming out of the lady's loo, there was Andy with a stern look on his face!!! I tried to push past him, but he grabbed me by the arm and led me out the back door and practically threw me into his Mini!!! I was swearing up a storm and trying to get out of the auto, but he just held me in place with one hand and drove with the other, and the next thing I knew, we were stopping in a deserted part of a park!!! Without saying a single word, Andy pulled me from the front seat an

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