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#11292 - He then put his arm around me and kissed me vary gentle i told him he should leave my room and let me finish getting dressed but he insisted he stade soo i grabed my dress off my bed and sliped it on trying not to revel my self. We sat there talking and jokeing for a while then i told him i had to ded i had to work the next morning. i looked at hgim he got up picked me up and took me to my room he trew me down on my bed and took to thong and bra off he shoved his fingers into my hot wet pussy and pushed them as far as they woupld go i moand i needed him by this time he pulled out and shoved his aready hard cock into my tight hot and wet pussy and stared to pound the fuck outta me with his cock i screamed in 10 minutes i was cumming more and more i wanted i screamed more i wanted more he took his cock out and grabed his bag in in it had a new toy on i had never seen before.

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Mustadio bunansa
Love her nails
Nodoka manabe
Kinda wish this was me and my step sister lol