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#102182 - Since Richter will be fighting Humans and not Unas no weapons will be involved, a true test of strength, stamina and skill, the winner of these battles will earn the title of Pharoh and will be promised 1000 years of perfect health and any Woman he desires. Although the Goa'uld can never regain the power and status we once had I do take comfort in knowing that everyone thinks the System Lords have fallen and that no Goa'uld is posing as a god so I'm in no danger of ever being hunted by the Tau'ri, free Jaffa and the Tok'ra and knowing that I have all eternity to enjoy being worshiped as a god by my Nerothians. As I stated before a child born by two Goa'uld or a Gou'uld and a Human is called a Harcesis, the child won't have the increased strength, perfect health and longevity of a Goa'uld but he/ she will have all the knowlege of the Goa'uld and when he/she is old enough he/ she can tell my Nerothians that I'm not a god but

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