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#236729 - the conversation was easy and time flew by then the woman started to talk sexual and the hints where flying around when suddenly Toni turn to me and said it’s your turn to dance for us and went to the stereo and selected the music I was to dance to . We stayed calm after this for awhile just doing our weekly shopping thing and coming home fucking as Toni would tell me stories about her fantasies with all the men that got her attention while we fucked. As I begin my lap dance for Lynn I am rubbing my hardness all over her body face anywhere I could get to then I had her get up and I started teasing her touching her breasts ,pinching her nipples and nibbling on her ear she was like putty in my hand and started to moan and groan ,then Toni said what about me I need attention too I said where are your dollars she is just getting what she paid for we all laughed and she went to her purse and only had a 10 she said will this do and I proceeded to tease her the same way but when I got to h

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