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#88624 - Now it was time to take a chance, slipping out from Gretchen I moved behind Sue, she didn't move, so I bent her forward and pushed my cock to her clit, she eased back onto my cock, so I knew she was good for a fuck, with one swift push, my full 8 inch cock went balls deep inside her cunt, Sue grunted and began to work my cock with her pussy muscles, wow what a feeling. As he did they moved closer, then we could see it was a couple possible mid 40's or so, both average build , wearing shorts and tee shirts, as they got closer she had good sized tits too, and her tops came off soon after too, he then turned and kissed his lady, while they still kept a eye on us, my cock felt like it was growing more, with them watching. Once at the caravan, I threw a large rug on the grass, as too many people for inside the van, and grabbed my poppers and lube, Sue was once more riding Ricks cock, as Lyn sat on Lou's cock, both woman now touching boobs etc too, as Gretchen waited for her first

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Need more
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That moment when she gets both fists in her ass and then the prolapse that she licks so wonderful